The reunion for 2014 will have information about it posted soon, please check back for updates and news.

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The June Newsletter has been sent out, that being said, today I had a call that the Booking Agency whose phone number is listed on the Registration Form may have room availability limited. If the Hotel is called directly at (865) 428-8350, There seems to be no problem.

If anyone has a concern with reservations please contact Jerry or David.

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With the Reunion behind us it is now time to focus on the upcoming newsletter. This will be how we share with those that were not at the Reunion or have not been to one, what they are missing. Feel Free to send in your stories of what you would like to share with the other members, those that were not able to be there in person, entice them so next year they will be one of those that are there participating in the fun and story telling.

The best way to contribute is to send it to the email address:, Be sure to include you name and contact information when sending so we will be able to verify that it was truly you that sent it to us.

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There were several nominations for the 2014 Reunion Meeting place. How ever it seems the popular Pigeon Forge in Tennessee beat them all out with a unanimous vote.

The tentative date is October 1, 2014  through October 5, 2014.

As more information becomes available it will be posted here.


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The Association Secretary is to receive all communications including the completed membership forms and dues.

The current Secretary is Linda Kirkpatrick and the address for the communications will be as follows:

1103 N Lincoln
Peru, IN 46970

Application for Membership Form is located under the Publications Tab and labeled


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Watch as the content grows

Watch as we add the content from the old site to this one. We will slowly but surely get it all back online. Thanks to Bruce Langerlan and Nickolas Pazzola of Plan First Technologies, Inc.

Bruce was able to get the help of Nick and they have managed to save the pictures and information from the old site. They will put is all back together in this new format and we will attempt to gain control of the old url also.

Much thanks to both of them for undertaking this challenge to preserve the online information.

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Hello 463rd Airlifter Association Membership!!!

Welcome to WordPress. This is the first post to this new URL for the 463rd Airlifters Association. We have been unable to get the updates out on the web in the last year or so. That being said we are attempting to start a place to get this accomplished.

Anyone wishing to assist with this project is urged to contact this sites webmaster.

Look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you soon. Updates will be coming as they are available for future evens and we will be working to get the past events uploaded also.

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