Hello 463rd Airlifter Association Membership!!!

Welcome to WordPress. This is the first post to this new URL for the 463rd Airlifters Association. We have been unable to get the updates out on the web in the last year or so. That being said we are attempting to start a place to get this accomplished.

Anyone wishing to assist with this project is urged to contact this sites webmaster.

Look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you soon. Updates will be coming as they are available for future evens and we will be working to get the past events uploaded also.

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4 Responses to Hello 463rd Airlifter Association Membership!!!

  1. Marty De Venuta says:

    For all Air Force Veterans who are trying to prove their service “with their boots” on the ground in Vietnam in order to obtain Agent Orange related disabilities, I recommend that you obtain a copy of all your military records from the Armed Forces record center in St. Louis. There could be a performance review which states that you were in Vietnam. In addition, your records that show you were eligible for the Vietnam Service Medal may be proof to show you were boots on the ground. In addition, if you have photos and/or letters with former fellow vets that state you were there may be proof enough for the V. A. Compensation Board. You should work very closely with your local County Veteran Service Office/Officer (VSO) to initiate your claim for disability. Good luck to all of you who may need some assistance from your local VSO and “Thank You” for your service to our Country……Welcome Home!

  2. Gerardo says:

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    Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks!

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  3. Jerry Wald says:

    Hi Dale,
    Sorry to hear about your medical problems. I’m also in the process of trying to prove I was in Vietnam on the ground in 1969 for about 4 months TDY. I also was from Mactan and later Clarke and also part of the 772. What I am trying to do is get my leave and earnings statement through Ask Military Pay.com. Hopefully it will show that no income taxes were paid for the time I was in country and this will help prove that I was there. Not sure this is going to work but I’m running out of ideas. Cant seem to find any of my old friends from back then.
    Hope this helps you and if you come up with any ideas I would appreciate you letting me know.
    Thanks and Good Luck

  4. Dale Dean says:

    I have been trying to make contact with Flight Crew Members in the 772nd who served at Mactan and did “in country rotations”. I upgraded to AC there but spent most of my time flying with AC Pete Decrose, Nav Ralph Shugart, LM Cecil Watson. I can’t remember the FE but I have a Carpenter listed on some of my notes. It surprises me as the FE was teaching me systems all the time. We had a close communication.
    I am trying to prove I was on the ground in Vietnam and not just flying over for an ischemic heart disease problem and claim. If anyone can give me a lead, let me know. I am in touch with Ralph the Navigator. dale

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