Membership dues and applications to Join the 463rd Airlifters Association

The Association Secretary is to receive all communications including the completed membership forms and dues.

The current Secretary is Linda Kirkpatrick and the address for the communications will be as follows:

502 W. Canal St.
Peru, IN. 46970

Application for Membership Form is located under the Publications Tab and labeled

Forms and Applications

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5 Responses to Membership dues and applications to Join the 463rd Airlifters Association

  1. Marty De Venuta says:

    The 463 TCW was my first assignment out of Admin Tech School at Amarillo in January 1967. I arrived at Mactan Air Base in the Philippines in late January 1967 and went back to CONUS on 2/29/1968 (it was leap year). I enjoyed the beaches of Mactan and did 2 TDY assignments to the 315th Air Division at Tan Son Nhut while being assigned to the 463rd TCW HQ at Mactan.

    The Wing has such a great lineage from WWII and it is sad to see that this Wing’s history has gone down the tubes of oblivion in today’s U.S. Air Force. I hope that this organization can continue to display this Wing’s glorious history and that it’s membership will continue to grow. I plan to submit my application for membership very shortly.

    I was not a part of any aircrew associated with this Wing but I am truly proud to have served in the Wing’s Headquarters at Mactan as an Admin. Specialist and to have proudly worn the Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon on my Air Force Uniform while serving in the Air Force and, today, as a Veteran.

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  3. wendell martin says:

    with 463 when we were split leaving langley, i remained at clark while others went to mactan. at clark was trained ndi aircraft inspection. our group traveled all over south east asia. one trip was mactan, inspect philippine 86 aircraft/ xray procedure./ didnt get to see any of the old crew. if anyone recalls at langley i had a 57 cheve. conv. or later on a 60 red hardtop. added/ seems people recall cars better . say hey if you were there wendell martin

  4. gilbert aguilar says:

    i was crew chife 1977

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