Secretary Mailing Address Change

This is an update for those of you wishing to contact The Secretary Linda Kirkpatrick by normal ground mail, her new address is 502 W. Canal St. Peru, IN. 46970.

She can receive email at:


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3 Responses to Secretary Mailing Address Change

  1. Melvin L Vavra MSGT USAF RET. says:


    Hi Melvin hear we have missed the last few reuinens. do we have a date and time for 2016.
    Also I’m sure be hind in dues , where to send’

    Thanks mel.

  2. Melvin L Vavra MSGT USAF RET. says:

    linda K
    Melvin Vavra hear . Do w have a place and date for 2016 reunion.
    We have missed the last few,and I sure I’m be hind in dues, need to know wear to send.
    Please advise.
    Thank You

  3. Donald W. Wilson says:

    Linda Dad Is not going to make California this year I have the Banner and want to know address where to send it and attention: to who ,I’ll send parts and directions on putting it together. Call me any Time

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