2016 Reunion


JUNE 2016


From the President:

Because of health reasons,I will not be attending the reunion this year. The Doctor advised me that the distance is too far and the risk that Iwould be taking are to great plus other big medical words that Idon’t understand. Ihope that everyone enjoys themselves and have a very happy and safe reunion. If you decide to come to Dayton next year,I would be glad to put it on for you. The AF has just completed its multi-million dollar addition to the Museum and it is quite spectacular. If there is anything you need or Ican help you with please don”t hesitate to ask.

From the Secretary:

As Ihave told everyone Ihave moved to a home of my own just recently. Enclosed is a new business card with my new address and telephone number. Feel free to call at any time for information on your dues and anything else you need to know about concerning the 463’d.

Just to let everyone know there will be no dues collected at the reunions anymore as it is to hard to keep track of. If you want to pay dues you will need to mail the check to me at the address on the card and I will return a dues card. At the end of this newsletter is the amount of dues you are due to be current till 2017. All checks must be made out to the 463’d Airlifters Association.
Thanks for your understanding of this.

Well time is moving on and we are getting closer to the reunion. Attached is some information from Phil about the reunion.

From PhilTenney:

Please join us Nov 6-9 2016 at a special destination for our annualreunion. This year’s event will take place aboard the legendary Queen Mary,which is permanently docked in ”The Urban Waterfront Playground” of long Beach,CA. The Queen Mary is the premium luxury liner built in 1936 which carried celebrities and royalty across the Atlantic. During World War II she served our armed forces by transporting more than 800,000 troops outrunning all adversaries. The Queen is a destination in itself with behind the scenes tours and the Princess Diana exhibition. Our banquet will be held in one of the beautiful ballrooms. This is your chance to experience an original first class stateroom at a deeply discounted price beginning at $99.00. We will have a fully stocked hospitality room (including breakfast items) and you can enjoy the view from the decks. A free shuttle will take you to most nearby attractions,including an aquarium, shopping mall,2 historic California ranchos,Catalina Island,whale watching,gondola rides,art museum and lots of restaurants. Other than the harbor tour on Monday and the banquet on Tuesday night we have left the rest of your visit open to your imagination. Full information was sent in your reunion registration packet. If you misplaced it or want more information call Phil Tenney at 626-822-Q262.

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful summer full of fun and trips.


Jerry Haines, President

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  1. Les Chalfant says:

    Kathy and I had a wonderful time. A big ATTA BOY goes out to Phil and his Lovely wife for all the effort to make the reunion a super duper event. I had the first opportunity since 1972 to visit with several friends from the pacific. Don Long, Bob Strickland, Ray Stephens, Al Atristine, Steve Harvey, and Pat Knight. Looking forward to the 2017 reunion.

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